Friday, March 11, 2005

Quote of the (Fri)day

(from Master Shakespeare's Glorious "Comedy of Errors")
Act 3, scene ii:

Anipholus. What is she?

Dromio. A very reverent body; aye, such a one as a man may not speak of, without he say, ‘Sir-reverence.’ I have but lean luck in the match, and yet is she a wondrous fat marriage.

A. How dost thou mean a fat marriage?

D. Marry, sir, she’s the kitchen-wench, and all grease; and I know not what use to put her to but to make a lamp of her and run from her by her own light. I warrant her rags and the tallow in them will burn a Poland winter; if she lives till doomsday, she’ll burn a week longer than the whole world.

Postscript: (my favorite, on a wholly different topic - you need to check out dailyshow.com)

"I really think their foreign policy goal, is to spread irony throughout the world." - jon stewart.


Blogger Lewis Mumford said...

A little off topic but a giant of Canadian jounalism died today. Bill Cameron was 62. He will me missed.


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