Saturday, March 05, 2005


Just returned from Blackwell's Bookshop with a few International and European Law texts, along with one surprising purchase: Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right, by Ann Coulter. Aside from this week's sign that the apocalypse is upon us, I can explain something I never imagined myself doing. Honestly.

The clock was ticking down on the store's closing. After locating the two required books for class purposes, I scouted quickly around for another recreational selection, as this is normally my custom to buy something enjoyable alongside the more tedious law documents... As also is a custom, I found myself torn between the final choice in England's maddening "3 for 2" deal. I finally made a decision, only to return to the counter via a discount section. There before me - Ann Coulter, her 18 quid hardcover book on sale for 1 pound. Impulsively, I could not resist (after all, I can always give it to Tim).

I look forward to giving it a quick read this weekend, and no doubt will throw up some of the most objectionable passages here for discussion. The quote leading off Chapter One is as follows:

"The natives are superficially agreeable, but they go in for cannibalism, headhunting, infanticide, incest, avoidance, and joking relationships, and biting lice in half with their teeth." - Margaret Mead

Should be fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have Franklen's Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, which attacks Slander for, well, lying, if you want to read it next. G.

7:40 AM  

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