Thursday, March 10, 2005

Gizoogle, y'all

Check out Gizoogle.com, the greatest tool --ever -- on the World Wide Web. Being a big Snoop Dogg fan, I find the ability to convert Google's search results into Snoop-talk invaluable. Witness Gizoogle's translation of Ahab's Whale:

The tizzy piece de resistance ta tha classy night occurred on tha way out, W-H-to-tha-izzen I stumbled into tha bathroom, desperate ta try tha free shoe shin'n machine before I left aww nah. I hit tha powa button n tha steppin' brushes began ta spizzay doggy stylin' mah shoes a healthy hustla but witin a matta of seconds mah left shoelace was S-T-to-tha-izzuck deep witin tha bowels of tha machine n could not be removed. It tizzy tha two of us ta P-to-tha-izzull tha lace out as tha shoe shina continued ta whiznirr madly. I thought there miznight be a parable in there somewhere. S-T-to-tha-izzill ridin' on it.

Or MacDuff's take on blogs:

Here's a novel idea - why not act as yo own editor, Mr in tha mutha fuckin club. Spector? That's wizzy empowerment is, motherfucka all n' shit. Dive into tha blogosphere fo` rizzy and cant no hood fuck with death rizzow. You'll find some valuable first-person accounts, commentary refreshingly beyond that of a daily pimp or what an anonymous editor deemed acceptable in all flavas. You don't even have ta agree wit people's opinions ta find they contribizzles extremely benefizzle. Imagine tizzy cuz Im tha Double O G.
Conservatizzles bemoan tha ideolizzle nature of liberal playa like tha New York Times or Toronto Star. Liberals castigate Rupert Murdoch n Conrad B-L-to-tha-izzack fo` own'n killa so they can sell tha public a politically driven angle on tha news.
Well, thizzat monopoly is crumb'n. Welcome ta tha New Generizzles.

Try it yourself!


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