Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Great 8 RPS Gambits

No, I have not given up on the Santiago pilgrimage. And no, for those interested in the Domus RPS throwdown, I have not conceded defeat in that either. Though I long to resurrect the shuffleboard table stored away in the basement of the Legal Aid clinic (and we will soon enough), until then - bring on the rock paper scissors championship of the world!!

New initiates will wonder - why is this guy pacing behind me? Others will think, is the game really that complex? Well, I give you first the website - www.worldrps.com - where you can get the full smackdown. But in the meantime, while I have a few more seconds of old man walking behind me, I give you.... (cue music) the 8 gambits:

"The “Great Eight” Gambits

The mathematically inclined will quickly realize that there are only twenty-seven possible Gambits. All of them have been used and documented in tournament play. Each has several names from a variety of localities. There is no such thing as a “new” Gambit.

The “Great Eight” Gambits are the eight most widely used. There is nothing about these eight that make them superior to any other Gambits, although as a group they can be very effective. Several high-level players built careers on just these eight Gambits. They are, sorted alphabetically by their most common names:

Avalanche (RRR)
Bureaucrat (PPP)
Crescendo (PSR)
Dénouement (RSP)
Fistfull o’ Dollars (RPP)
Paper Dolls (PSS)
Scissor Sandwich (PSP)
Toolbox (SSS)

Yes, there is a world beyond such gambits. And perhaps a Domusite will emerge victorious tonight without relying on any such said strategy. But... I cheer for the bureaucrat/denouement triumverate. And, sadly, look for me at Motion bar tomorrow night.

yes, it's like that, it's just the way it is.


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