Monday, January 17, 2005

The Open Camino

In an odd twist of fate, the break between Hilary and Trinity terms might just see me off to Northern Spain for a modern day pilgrimage of 800km along the "Open Camino" from Roncevalles to Santiago de Compostela.

Ryanair is now offering a new route that will fly me home following the arduous journey for a mere 15 Euro, the timing between St. Paddy's Day in Dublin and the start of Trinity term is just over the required 30 days, and who knows when this opportunity might present itself again. I can still recall first hearing about this back in the summer of 2003 and daydreaming about it from the cubicle of summer employment, and so it feels as though it must be seized. Random events seem to have converged, in any case.

Should this revery become reality, you will certainly be hearing much more from here on the history of the ancient St. James Pilgrimage and its modern day adherents. Sounds like an appropriate adventure to culminate the year abroad before settling into the last sprint toward examinations. Whitman would be proud. In the mean time, check out this site if you feel to lazy to google for information on your own.

Dante wrote in his Vita Nuova that a true pilgrim was he who had been to Santiago de Compostela. We shall see.


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