Friday, January 14, 2005

Just said no

Props to the Major League Baseball Players Association for recognizing what its members, and this blogger, have known for ages: steroids are harmful to the game and the men that play it.
Could, and should, the new steroid testing policy be tightened? Sure, but as ESPN writer Jayson Stark's nice FAQ on the agreement notes, "the significance of this policy is that it gives baseball a program similar to the other pro sports. And we couldn't have made that statement last week."
On a political note, remember when pundits were a bit mystified when, in the State of the Union a couple of years ago, Bush declared war on steroids in pro sports? John McCain, who has crusaded for a tighter drug policy in baseball, is now looking mighty good. You've got to think Bush was purposely giving a helping hand to his 2000 primary rival, who is among the frontrunners for 2008.


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