Saturday, January 15, 2005

Flies and Wanton Boys

well, we will have to start commenting on the new site of ms. riske to learn more i think, though i wonder if she will prove as interesting as the lady met a few months back at the purple turtle, who entered her name in my phone as Ms. Elaineous. Genius.

a hilarious evening just past, spent in part with Sir Patrick Kennedy and his sidekick Mike McNair - the latter fresh off some rest following the 29 hour cycle. God bless O'Neill's for breaking the rules and staying open long past the requisite closing time of Tony Blair. And to a lovely Aussie lady who certainly has the power to make dreams come true. It is shocking that on two separate evenings I have attempted to show Gartner the Generator's epic bar, and have been denied entry on the basis that we are not staying there. A sobererer (is that a word) will be developed to ensure future clowning.

yet is there anything substantive to all this? well, I was hoping to go home to oxford last night, and yet instead found myself on a Night bus to Turnpike lane and some cushions on Craig Gartner's floor. The upside is that I will now make the attempt to see the RSC's Lear today. Always found the play ironic in a personal sense - while Hamlet is both my favorite play and character, I guess I am just not old enough to sympathize with Lear, prefering the Edgar-Edmund conflict and the roles of Kent and (especially) Gloucester above the titular role. And depending on the performance, the fool can also be classic. A full report on the morrow. Until then, my favorite quote from the play off the top of my head:

"As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods,
They kill us for their sport."


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