Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Sampling Martinis for a friend's birthday this evening - and as we sat on the downtown patio near the end, across our path ran the most inexplicable sight. A young dude - how else to describe him - ran up and down the street with a bunch of green shrubbery in his hand, pausing momentarily to hide behind it and look from right to left, before running on.

Clearly no one was in pursuit, and yet no attempt was made to engage his ample audience of Martini imbibers on the Bitter End or Argyle patios, all of whom were transfixed by the inexplicable performance. I suppose just another one of the optional activity ideas for ambitious, anonymous, exhibitionist drinkers.

It was a lovely thought, for its simplistic beauty and unbridled execution.


Blogger Shari said...

Kind of like the crazy alcoholic at the shop this morn.

He brought along a vase that held daisies. Said it was for a lady friend that was making him dinner. (Hard to believe because everything out of his mouth is a lie.) He leaves the shop four hours later. It had been raining hard all morning long, so much so that the gutters were backed up and mini rivers flowed against the curbs. He dumped the contents of the vase in one of the rivers and kept walking.

He may be able to spin a false tale, but he sure has no follow though.

Saddest part was that I was the only one to notice out. A full house of people and no one saw.

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