Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Get Serious

Does the NDP really want an election called over a confidence motion on Rona Ambrose's resignation? Are the Liberals really so desperate that they need to mount rhetorical attacks in the House against the 4th place party for its... wait for it... opportunism?

I succumbed on Friday and filled out the Liberal membership form, so as to vote in the leadership race. "Canada is a serious people," Ignatieff has taken to saying in his stump speech. You wouldn't guess it from the sheer madness and idiocy of the opposition political parties and their infantile spin doctors these days. The Liberals obviously have failed, remarkably, to adjust to not getting their way in government. The NDP has lost its mind and continues to bizarrely rejoice over each minute Parliamentary victories over - not the government - the Official Opposition.

Ridiculous, clownish antics for the parties on the left - these elected Parliamentarians are about as far from focusing on the serving the interests of the voters as ever before. It is time to get serious, take a step back, and not react to the news of every day as if Harper is about to destroy the idea of Canada. Oh, hasten December and the installment of a grown-up in the Opposition benches who can control the crowd. I don't fancy anyone's chances of shifting the current inside baseball debates from tactics to substance.

Hopefully the likes of an Ignatieff or a Dion can ultimately prove me wrong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on James!

Happy summer :)

11:23 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

I'm interested to see whether an Ignatieff has the intestinal fortitude to take on the sacred cows of policy that he mentions from time to time. (Crammed enough cliches into that sentence? :-))

There is, of course, one other possibility -- the present state of the opposition might be attributable to the government. What I mean is, good politicians are great at making their opponents look silly -- remember what Bill Clinton did to Bob Dole in '96? Maybe Harper has picked up a pointer or two...

If I weren't already a CPC member, I'd have signed up for a Liberal Party card -- it's one of the more important votes that one can cast. (Possibly more so than the vote in the general election, depending on which riding one lives in...)

7:19 AM  
Blogger Jason Townsend said...

Hey James, glad to hear it.

Hearing Michael and St├ęphane speak does a lot to cure the malaise one can't help feeling watching the pratfalls in Ottawa of late. There's lots more talent in the race, but having them widely touted as #1 and 2 is something to be pleased about.

2:39 PM  

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