Friday, May 26, 2006

Quote of the (Fri)day

Two beauties today, from random past roads traveled. 'Tis Friday. Enjoy Yourself:
(1) "I wanted to meet people who know the truth, get drunk, stand on mountain tops, go painting, sit in pubs listening to old men's stories, laugh at and fall in love with mad Irishwomen, sing on the western edge of the world, sing folksongs, cry in the rain, vomit in soft green fields, catch a moving statue and put it in my pocket."

-Tim Bradford, Is Shane Macgowan Still Alive

(2) "Today I decided not to think of you
But was betrayed by a lazy pub window
I saw a slim tree whose delicate red leaves
Rose and fell in the Thames breeze -
A mixed-up drinker at this time of year
I can taste the Yeats in my beer."

- Robert Gainsborough, "Maude Gonne Fishin' "


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