Monday, May 08, 2006

The Goose is Out


Another amazingly successful trip - full of wonder and randomness and rejuvenating experience. Much time spent marvelling at the magnificence of the scenery, in conversation with fellow wanderers, and staring off into the horizon while pondering the past and future. So rarely is there opportunity to be truly alone with our own thoughts, opportunity to discover and bask in the profound freedom of tranquility, in the idea that all roads remain open.

One day, the governor, Lu-hsuan, asked Nan-ch'uan the following question: "A man once raised a goose in a bottle, watching it grow until he realized it had grown too large to pass through the bottle's neck. Since he did not want to kill the goose, or break the bottle, how would he get it out?"

Nan-ch'uan began quietly, "My esteemed governor," then he roared, "THE GOOSE IS OUT!"

It is said that Lu-hsuan was enlightened on the spot.

All told, an exceptionally worthwhile few days out on the Pacific. More notes to follow once life regains a sense of order.


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