Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Week That Was

Monotonous talk filled with platitudes. Hypocritically pious language. Yeah, I'd say Coyne's condemnation of Parliamentarians from all parties for this past week's "symphony of cant" is especially well deserved. An excellent column that concisely knocks all concerned for their puerile behaviour in reacting to Gwyn Morgan, Fraser's report on the Gun Registry, and the Afghanistan debate.
So it goes. Each outrage begets another. You reject my nominee, I reject your committee. You mislead Parliament, I act outside Parliament. You debase your vote, I ignore it. And each side justifies its behaviour with the age-old defense, beloved of statesmen and philosophers: They Started It. I don’t know what damage they’re doing to each other, but they’re sure making a mess of Parliament.

"They started it" might be good politics, but at what cost? As the Liberals look to select a new leader, perhaps the most significant question is whether any of the wouldbe candidates have thoughts on how to "end" it? South of the border, John McCain appears intent on rising above this type of bickering, with varying degrees of success. I wonder.


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