Friday, September 09, 2005

A Year (and a day) in the Life of Ahab

Almost completely overlooked the fact that Ahab's blogging is officially in its second year, begun drunkenly as it was 366 days ago on September 8th, 2004, in the Marienplatz station beneath Munchen's Glockespiel, of all places. Through Oktoberfest and Oxford and back again, the eclectic commentary and eccentric political musings should continue - at various bursts and wanes of enthusiasm - for a few more to come. Or so we hope.

In preparing a scrapbook of sorts before the assorted souvenirs from the year abroad get dumped into a box somewhere, it has been fun returning to powerful in-the-moment sentiments captured in mere words. Time. How quickly it passes.

As for my fellow compatriot, he seems to have fallen off (on?) the wagon, and repeated attempts to verify his online whereabouts have thus far proven unsuccessful. We await his return with great expectations. Onward.


Blogger daveberta said...

congrats on 2 years!


3:41 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Hope your adjustment to the 'fax after a year in Europe goes better than mine! Oktoberfest starting up at this end, pity I'm leaving Zurich for London on Sunday...

10:20 AM  

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