Thursday, September 01, 2005

Kaplan's Lousy Analogy Watch

Another in Fred Kaplan's classic series debunking lousy Bush analogies of the Iraq War. Over at Slate, he expertly puts to shame the recent comparison to World War II. Money quote:
"As with his constitutional comparison, it's a tossup which aspect of this rhetorical game is more egregious: the fact that the two wars are so vastly different in nearly every way imaginable, or the fact that, if they were as similar as President Bush proclaims, he is doing so remarkably little to wage this one."

For previous mocking of Bush's attempts to strain history for partisan political purposes - Philadelphia 1787 is not remotely comparable to Baghdad 2005, nor is an analogy of the democratic process in the Phillipines at all comforting. The post-WWII reconstruction comparisons were also torn apart back in 2003.


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