Saturday, May 07, 2005

"singing in her song she died"

The 5 years of the Tate Modern have been a revelation, but can I be forgiven for loving the old Tate at Pimlico (off Bessborough Avenue, no less!) best of all.

I have to say it holds my favorite of all paintings. Caveat: I don't think you can have a favorite book. Or a favorite song (Teenage Dirtbag? by far?). Or a favorite poem. Or a favorite city. Or even a favorite painting. The distinguishing remarks just leave too much to debate.

But, if pressed, sometimes we choose. Boldly. So let me declare this, without doubt, my favorite painting. BBQ on the Thames aside, it was the highlight of the most recent 24 hour jaunt into my "favorite" city. How I will miss my favorite of rivers...

Some moments deserve to last. Especially peaceful May English sunny evenings on the Thames, across from the Globe Theatre on opening night and the crowd at the Hornyman on Hay, with love and political conversation and the smoke from a disposable Sainsbury's BBQ in the air .


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