Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Over to Peter with the Swingometer"

While Tim dines with the Tories at the fancy Carlton [do they allow women in there on election night? I hope so, for your sake] listening to complaints about what went wrong, I'll be at Balliol's Holywell Manor in what promises to be a much more festive environment. Here's an excerpt from the invite:
"We'll be watching the results come in from when the polls close at 10pm tomorrow. Sunderland South should declare at about 10.45pm, and we'll be watching it till the lights come up on the new government. The bar will be open and we'll be playing an election drinking game. Full rules yet to be decided, but it'll be along these lines: "The Iraq factor" = 1 sip; "Hard working families" = 1 sip; "Over to Peter with the swingometer" = 2 sips; "Michael Howard will form the new government" = finish your drink and go to bed."

The Times also has a viewer's guide on what to watch for during the night. It's not not as detailed (or serious) as the Guardian article Tim noted below, but they do have cut out "Big Night Bingo" cards. The British sure know how to mix fun with their politics.

As for predictions, I need to finish up an outline for a tutorial tomorrow (stop using that "I"!, screams Jeffrey Simpson in the background) but will certainly check back in before the polls close to offer the final numbers I enter in the pool. British polls are notoriously wrong, so there might be fun in store yet.


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