Friday, May 06, 2005

"Election X"

Blogger just killed this sleepless star - though we'll give 'em a run....

Actually, it killed off the (articulate) post I had just written. Now I'm just fed up, so hence the picture above with the arcaic, strangest of board games with yours truly and a random. Say instead that the scholar has decided to skip off on a whim to London, to skip tutorials and instead glimpse the Thames; the unwordly paintings of Turner, Whistler, and Monet; my favorite Lady of Shalott; enjoy a steak cooked by Gartner; and then.....

Ye election was a blessing, though also an affront. Blair couldn't take the slap in the face when he should have (the man whose son had been lost was on the stage, right behind you Sir, and you needed to apologize to him) - and as for the rest, Paxman wrote the book on the immediate interview. Trust me when I say we need to get that guy to the CBC by whatever means necessary. Now THAT would be the revolution Canadian politics needs. You should see the man in high form. It ended as a stalemate. And how it will be resolved? "that was the big idea"

Off to avoid tutorials by catching the highway to London - it is such a nice day, after all. Who will be ready for the sweet Friday afternoon melodies of Mr. le Tiger? In a little while, boys?


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