Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sex, Lies, and (now) the Audiotape

Today's the big day. I'm with Kinsella. Word-for-word:
Here it is. The proposal. CTV News says it is the voice of Tim Murphy, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Canada, making what he calls - and I quote - "a proposal." The link is found here.

"A proposal." Stay home, abstain, whatever you like. Afterwards, we can have a leisurely chat about a Senate seat. It's just "a proposal."

This isn't "a proposal," but it is my own truth: these people make me want to vomit. They're not Liberals. They're the people who are destroying the Liberal Party, perhaps for good. If given the chance, they will barter away the country, too, to satisfy their own ambition, and to satisfy their lust for a couple cheap headlines. Canada, and Canadians, deserve better than this.

If you are a Member of Parliament - or you know someone who is - listen to that bit of tape, and ask yourself: Is this what it has come to, at long last? Is this what we deserve? Is this what we are going to get?And - most of all - isn't it time for a change?

Coyne's got more indepth coverage here. Are any other Liberals outraged at the airing of these desperate tactics? Will even one backbencher stand up and protest this indiscriminate selling of Cabinet/Senate posts by Mr. Democratic Deficit himself [who claimed in Tuesday's press conference that no such offers were being made]? Or is it just business as usual, and Stephen Harper's policies that are still too "scary"?

Someone. Anyone?


Blogger The Tiger said...

James, you're asking for moral outrage from people who, well, just don't have it in them.

If they had, they'd have done just like you and other liberal-minded folks and jumped ship weeks or months ago.

I'd love to see a backbencher or two, or just Ed Broadbent, prove me wrong by standing up against this and defeating the government, though.

8:57 AM  

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