Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"A Public Spectacle"

And on that note, anyone else remember the mock campaign website organized by some interest group to defeat Belinda Stronach's bid to become CPC leader awhile back? Ah, the course of irony seems to be running ever smooth through Ottawa these days.

Here's a copy of the original press release announcing the site, dug up from cached files on the wonderful world wide web. Looks like this Neufeld guy saw this coming all along, and frankly it's surprising that others didn't see this possibility, given the Brison precedent. Were we lulled into thinking it wouldn't happen precisely because of the McKay relationship? If so, THAT would be some serious political calculating at play:

In Our Opinion Belinda Martin Is Setting the Conservative Party Up!
Welcome to Belinda Martin's website!

If you have not yet understood what we are trying to say here we are about to tell you. Quite simply there is absolutely no difference between Prime Minister Paul Martin and Belinda Stronach, thus, the play on the name Belinda Martin.

As you will see throughout this website Paul and Belinda are identical in philosophies, so much so, we think that when Belinda loses the leadership race she will make a public spectacle about how the Conservative Party of Canada does not share her values and that she is more comfortable with the Liberal Party. Scott Brison immediately comes to mind.

After all, the only positive comments made about Belinda's announcement did not come from Stephen Harper or Tony Clement, but by Paul Martin who had nothing but positive comments. Something is definitely up!


Andrew Neufeld, Chairman
Social Conservative Caucus, Concerned Christian Coalition Inc.


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