Monday, May 16, 2005

How'd you like to have her job?

"The prime minister is meeting with seniors, and it's an opportunity for members of that community to engage with the prime minister on issues that are of concern to them," Amy Butcher, a spokeswoman for the prime minister, told The Canadian Press.

Butcher said the visit has nothing to do with a looming federal election.

"His role as prime minister extends way beyond the seat of power in Ottawa," said Butcher. "It's important to him to travel across the country and meet Canadians."

[Via ctv.ca]

Martin looking ahead to a possible federal election, and using the powers of the PMO to help him gain an advantage? Why, that would be absurd! Preposterous. (see, I can do it to!)

Did anyone ask whether it is important for him to travel across the country and meet Canadians just after losing the confidence of the House? (sigh) I suppose Ms. Butcher is just doing her job. And it's not lying, exactly. Just some harmless "terminological inexactitude".


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