Tuesday, May 17, 2005


...to Mike McNair, who today joins us as a permanent contributor to Ahab's Whale. I know Mike from LSE last year, where we did (basically) the same masters degree. The three of us are, for the time being, in England. We've been talking about a 'merger' for awhile -- Mike gives his own reasons for moving at his old blog -- and we think that the perfect time for the move is now, on the (possible) eve of a Canadian federal election. We've been avid readers of his blog, and we're sure many of you have been too. The great part is, the three of us agree on some issues, but disagree on many more, which should make for some more balanced analysis. We're hoping to make this a fun blog to read during the election, and beyond. So, once again, welcome, Mike.

I've been (in)conspicuously absent from posting for the last week, partly in preparation for Mike's move, but mostly because I've been getting ready to make a couple of other changes, which include getting a new blog provider. Also, I've purchased http://www.ahabswhale.com. MacDuff has done a long-overdue overhaul of the blogroll on the right, and McNair has added his favourites. (Anybody else out there who should be on it but isn't, let us know.) There will likely be some cosmetic changes around here soon, but mostly I'm trying to make it easier to post pictures -- because as any reader of McNair's blog knows, he loves his pictures. (And his aircraft.)

And so the evolution continues.


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