Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Permit a Moment of Self-Reverence

SO - a few hours ago, columnist Jeffrey Simpson was absolutely brilliant. Speaking without a text, he spoke eloquently about Canadian politics for just short of an hour, offering a scintillating diagnosis of the landscape, a brutal condemnation of the corruption-fuelled drive of the opposition parties, and a fierce attack on the feathery backbone of the Martin government. Full report tomorrow, but want to state now in broad terms how impressive he was...

... before I served up a softball question about the blogosphere, that is.

I'll wait until McNair emails me the night's definitive photo (jamesmacduff@yahoo.com, sir) and will catch a few hours rest before having a go at the true post in its totality. Suffice it to say that he doesn't read blogs, and so needs a renewed education from us peasant folk. Jeffreysimpson.ca seems available, and might soon become the stuff of donation requests and legend. Much more on the flip side.

While you wait, here's a classic photo in the best "self-referential and self-reverential" tradition of the blogosphere that Mr. Simpson claimed to so abhor.

I think the lovely Ms. Brown might have been led to believe that Cooper and I were the authors of Captain's Quarters, and not Ahab's Whale - judging by her amazement when we revealed our "secret" identities. But a fabulous and beautiful lady nonetheless. How can you not love a girl who swears that Blair Stransky is one of the great guys of all time?? Who in their right mind could disagree with that? Let's hope we see more of her.

And spark the emergence of Master Simpson into the blogosphere on top of it.

Stranger things have happened.


Anonymous Mike said...

Hey MacDuff,

Stumbled out of bed feeling a bit hazy this morning, so didn't have time to fire off the photo of the night, but I guarantee I will do so tonight.

5:17 AM  

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