Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"Motion urging government to step down is approved, 153-150. Liberals ignore it"

That's from the Globe's leader. And ignorance in this case is most certainly not bliss.

I really think that when history is written, this lame attempt to avoid the polls at all costs will go down as an error of colossal (ie. Of a size, extent, or degree that elicits awe or taxes belief: dictionary.com) judgment. In trying to make the question about the budget, Martin has only succeeded in making it about himself, the great Democratic Deficit reformer, reduced to shambles. Perhaps the most pathetic leader in modern times? His departure from the great stage will not be missed. But amazingly there are some Liberals who still think the upcoming election will be fought over the issue of whether Harper was right to force the vote. So maybe I'm wrong. I truly hope not, though. This Government has proven time and again that it needs to be "summarily turfed", as old Professor Diane Pothier was fond of saying in different circumstances.

Kinsella sums it up best: "Of last night's events, all that one can say is this: spare us the focus-tested spin lines, and the sophistry about Parliamentary procedure, please. The House of Commons is the voice of the people, or at least it used to be. And, last night night, the people said enough is enough. Enough! If they had left any sense of shame, they would end it now. They won't."

The writing is on the wall.


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