Monday, April 18, 2005

Entertainment and Politics Roundup

...with the emphasis on 'entertainment.'

1. Will Bono be peeved if PM is no longer PM when U2 performs as promised in Ottawa in November (brr)? Would PM still be called to the stage in a show of anti-third-world-poverty solidarity? Would Stephen Harper show up?

2. Will he who walks in as a boorish loudmouth, walk out as pope?

3. Against all odds, I have been captivated of late by the Michael Jackson trial. Read this article; the whole fiasco is pretty engrossing entertainment, if wonderfully tragic. At least, the most recent court scenes are more captivating than anything I can remember from the OJ trial. (Aside from the theatrics of Johnnie Cochran, may he rest in peace.) Free Jacko!


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