Friday, April 15, 2005

Hypothetically Speaking

.... (of course) ....

Is it wrong to be somewhat dismayed at the ascendency, indeed the "national governing party" tag label, that is being (has been?) consolidated now by Labour in Britain and of course by the Liberals in Canada, even for left-wingers unfamiliar with the horrors of Thatcher and Mulroney?

Can you believe, fundamentally, in the "progressive consensus" that Blair-Brown have so (well) attempted to fashion since 1997, and yet still hope for a Lib-Dem breakthrough and/or the "smirk" to be humbled?

Can you be pleased at the hopeless state of Michael Howard's Conservatives, and yet still recoil at the adamantly terrible proposals of Blunkett/Clarke/Blair on "terrorism" - to the point of Labour's rejection of even Magna Carta habeas corpus laws - and howl in antagonism to such terrible positions?

Can you believe in Canadian national unity and national healthcare and still believe that, even so, Stephen Harper might be a better Prime Minister (in a limited, short-term, minority position) than Paul Martin?

Can you believe that there should be consequences to appointing the co-founder of the Bloq Quebecois as your Quebec Lieutenant, yet then doing nothing further to contain the frustrations of sovereignists except rail unceremoniously against the supposed "unholy alliance" opposite?

Can you be frustrated by those who have made public mistake after mistake (including outright theft and corruption) that has threatened and potentially damaged the future of your country, and yet then turn around and have the moxy to brag and campaign that only THEY (and they alone) are the true defenders of national unity and the people's rights?

Can you believe that political hypocrisy deserves SOME sort of penalty, and that some political parties don't really deserve your support (in fact, they deserve your antagonism) during an electoral campaign, even if you ultimately support their policy ideas over the long term?

Can you ever actually feel loyalty to a particular political party, and yet still divorce yourself from them enough to feel that the entire structure must do with renewal on a more fundamental level that requires an electoral defeat of sorts?

Can you be happy with both Labour and Liberal governments since 1997 (1993), and yet still publicly wish for public consequences for their multiple indiscretions and maddeningly hypocritical decision-making?

IN BRIEF: can you be a loyal member of a left-centre political party in the modern day world and remain truly honest?


Blogger The Tiger said...

I suppose that the larger question may well be, "can you be a loyal member of a political party in the modern day world and remain truly honest?"

People's views are much more complex, and often we're just picking the lesser of the evils. (Oh, how I wish there were a fiscally conservative, socially liberal, non-corrupt political party out there!)

10:02 AM  
Blogger Jason Cherniak said...

I really don't know. I suppose that my opinion of the Martin government is still, truthfully, quite positive. I think his failure has been media relations more than anything.

12:15 PM  

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