Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Les Reponses

To respond to MacDuff's 'big questions', in brief fashion:

How will the Liberal campaign strategists approach the campaign?

Go negative. I know McNair, and probably others, are calling for a reminder of the feel-good Chretien days, but that just won't wash. (Read my comment on the McNair blog for more.)

Will Martin and Brison ever get tired of repeating that it was the Liberal party who established the Gomery Inquiry?

I assume that is a rhetorical question.

Will they emerge with bold ideas in time?

The track record, and my magic 8 ball, say no. (The long-overdue foreign policy and defence reviews could be a nice start, though.)

What roll [sic] will same-sex marriage play in the campaign?

See my answer to question number one.

Can the NDP sustain and build momentum?

Check out the EKOS poll data, with the link below -- the NDP is the prevailing second-choice party. How many voters can Jack Layton convince that the Dippers are the true alternative?

Can the Tories find any rainmakers to win a precious few seats in Quebec?

Now that's an interesting question.


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