Friday, February 18, 2005

RU-21 Red - "Keeps You Drunk"

In more tales of the absurd fitting a Friday afternoon and the promise of an epic Saturday night at Tiger Tiger celebrating McNair's birthday, here's news of a drug developed by "scientists who once worked on secret programmes for the Kremlin". Apparently, "if you take a tablet, you need less alcohol to stay drunk."

Read the story to believe it. One of the co-founders of the company is actually concerned about marketing the drug in the US, since he doesn't want it "to become a party drug". Anyone care to comment on ANY other proposed uses?? I suppose it could serve to inspire writers like Aldous Huxley to find inspiration, but really... the advertising strategy should be as simple as those for Samuel Jackson beer - instead of "it'll get you drunk!", "it'll keep you drunk!".

Happily, this gives me an opportunity to make a somewhat seamless segueway to plug the absolutely gut-wrenchingly, laugh-out-loud, listen-to-over-and-over funny Dave Chappelle show on Comedy Central. You can browse through past clips here, including the one for Samuel Jackson beer, Black Bush, and top it off with the immaculate, extraordinary Rick James-Charlie Murphy sketches - first here, then here. This is just pure gold, plain and simple.


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