Friday, February 18, 2005

Quote of the (Fri)day

Once again, ahab's posters are in a strange synchronity. As Tim posts one comment from the Economist (and that IS astonishing, by the way, another reason why the Internet revolution will bring about greater systemic changes than we can see), here's another - our quote of the week:
As finance minister, Mr Martin acquired a reputation as a tough and decisive deficit-cutter who transformed the public finances and oversaw the renaissance of the Canadian economy. But as prime minister, his faltering leadership has earned him the sobriquet of “Mr Dithers”.

Coming from a magazine as esteemed as the Economist, this one will sting. But who could really argue, after 15 months and all the hype about the "politics of achievement", that the moniker is unjustified... the true question is whether the Prime Minister will ever overcome it.


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