Friday, February 18, 2005

Fire Them Both

How ironic that my nightly post is also "Apprentice" oriented.

A sad day for the NHL yesterday - the whole collective bargaining scene has been one sad debacle. Now everything is in jeopardy. Personally, I am only a marginal Canadian hockey fan - I tune in as the regular season winds down and cheer for the Canadian teams. This magical year abroad actually began on June 5th with my cross-country standby flight from Moncton to Calgary, just in time to see the heartbreak of Games 6 and 7 up close. So if I find it all tragic, I can only imagine the attitudes of those dedicated to the great game.

The fault lies squarely with two men - the two men at the top, Bettman and Goodenow. Someone get these guys a copy of Getting to Yes. I find it hard to understand how either side has managed to arrive at the worst possible outcome simultaneously. And this is not a marginal setback for either side as they settle back into their entrenched positions. It will absolutely cripple the interests of the owners absolutely and dramatically. We can only wait to judge the aftermath.

Maybe there will be some miracle 13th hour solution to this madness, and here's hoping. If not, I know of no two idiots more deserving of Trump's patented dismissal. If only we could get them in front of George, Carolyn, and The Donald himself....

But wait.... What's this? Genius satire is what, beautifully capturing the tragedy and pettiness of the entire saga. Check it out and read the whole thing. I wish I had written it myself.


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