Friday, February 11, 2005

Here is the news you may have missed

Being a dour London commuter, imagine my surprise when I had to suppress a smile on the train this morning. Guy sitting in front of me whips out his copy of The Telegraph, with the bog-standard day-too-late spash headline about Prince Charles' announced marriage to Camilla Parker-Bowles, the latest episode in what seems more and more like a Jeffrey Archer short story. Then I turned to my left, where a suited gentlemen produced The Independent, which today blares the words: "HERE IS THE NEWS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED", and advertises a litany of (truly major) stories like North Korea's admission that it has nuclear weapons. The punchline is in a small box in the lower right-hand corner: "And in other news...Charles to wed, Page 6". Cheeky.

Just another reason why The Independent has become my favourite British daily. (And now in handy tabloid format!)


Blogger James MacDuff said...

Indeed, the Independent is the best of a superb line-up of English newspapers. When Dame Ellen MacArthur cruised into port earlier this week, I think they were the only ones to keep the Sharon-Abbas handshake as the sole frontpage lead.

We get the Times here in the St. Hugh's MCR, and their headline this morning on the wedding isn't all that bad either, though: "After 30 years, Charles puts his affair in order."

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