Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Voice is my Passport...

This is smart, given the circumstances. It might be annoying to those who only ever visit the U.S. for the L.L> Bean store in Maine, but there is nothing too onerous about advising Canadians to pick up passports if they want to travel outside the country. The cost is reasonable, they last a few years, and incentive to see the wider world is good. Creating a mess of a new system of ID cards strikes me as the worst of all worlds. The larger concern over this whole deal is whether American tourists will take the time to comply with the new bureaucratic requirements to shop inside Canada. That's the larger concern, truth be told.

You need a passport (or a birth certificate and photo ID) to fly to the U.S. anyway, as I almost found out the hard way in February... why not make the requirement for drivers the same? It solves at a stroke the concerns over other, more intrusive methods. And God help us if the radicals down South decide a northern fence is needed to keep the Canadian bacon out as well...


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