Tuesday, April 11, 2006


As I said, and like I imagined, milady, I did indeed see the original with Torsten. Don't challenge my memory, even at Pizza Corner: (courtesy of wiki)
It is now in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, along with about two dozen preparatory works. The exact location was controversial in Spain, since Picasso's will stated that the painting should be displayed at the Prado Museum. However, as in the late twentieth century, the Prado moved all of its collections of art after the early 19th century to other nearby buildings in the city for reasons of space, the Reina Sofía, which houses the capital's national collection of 20th century art, seems the appropriate place for it. A special gallery was built at the Reina Sofía to display Picasso's masterpiece to best advantage.
Sadly, I did unconscionably miss the rest of the deserved Prado for some afternoon Estella Dram with Schadendorf (only Gongshow gets to slag me on that one) ... and in my defence, it was just that the sun looked so good on that solitary magic day in November '99. I have photos somewhere.

Yet a good choice by the lady Jill of earrings tonight, who claimed "Guernica"'s shrowding at the UN qualified as interesting. That I did not know. We roll on.

Though better was the girl who claimed, over my shoulder, that she fell in love with her boyfriend because he removed the cucumbers from his sandwiches. Truly, the stuff that dreams are made on.


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