Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Now that it's about to begin...

I should say that at this moment I have pretty well narrowed my own support in the LPC leadership race (whatever that's worth -ed.) to a trio of candidates - Ignatieff, Dion, and Kennedy - all of whom impress and intrigue me in relatively equal measure. I need to watch the race unfold a bit before committing further, but my signing up for a new Liberal party membership looks to be a foregone conclusion.

Suffice it to say, though, that these are exactly the types of leaders I hoped would emerge in writing about Liberal Leadership Woes last April, citing a similar post of James Bow's. Wonderful to consider how competitive and interesting the field looks to be, even as so many of the imagined favourites have subsequently declined to offer. A robust contest, but only to be expected.

So let the debate begin.

UPDATE - note TDH Strategies (april 5th) has posted excellent arguments up in favour of Kennedy, though I am still waiting to see him in action on the main stage. His most difficult task will be to raise his profile across the country. As for the other two, I met Ignatieff when he was in Halifax and to say I came away extremely impressed at his grasp of the issues, passion for Canada, and ability to articulate his vision would be an understatement. Dion I respect immensely for his time at Intergovernmental Affairs and then as Environment Minister.

It's a damn fine short list.


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