Friday, February 17, 2006

Quote of the (Fri)day

The merry hours of the end of another week are now upon us. Enjoy your Friday - proper posting to resume soon enough. In honour of time (too much) spent in wistful waiting that is yet redeemed by the heightened value of those vivid moments, here is "Sonnet", by John Masefield:
FLESH, I have knocked at many a dusty door,
Gone down full many a midnight lane,
Probed in old walls and felt along the floor,
Pressed in blind hope the lighted window-pane,
But useless all, though sometimes when the moon
Was full in heaven and the sea was full,
Along my body's alleys came a tune
Played in the tavern by the Beautiful.
Then for an instant I have felt at point
To find and seize her, whosoe'er she be,
Whether some saint whose glory doth anoint
Those whom she loves, or but a part of me,
Or something that the things not understood
Make for their uses out of flesh and blood.

Treasure that melodious tune. And 4 Fridays until the big one on the 17th. mm-hmm.


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