Monday, February 06, 2006

An Emerson Sporting Analogy

January 18th - 5 days left in the campaign, 19 until Emerson joins the Conservative cabinet.
But he admitted there is little time left for the Liberals to pull out a victory.

"We're leaving it to the bottom of the ninth," said Mr. Emerson. "We're leaving it pretty late. We're playing catch-up ball right now. There's no doubt about that. The question is: are we behind and can't sort of close it in the last inning? Or have we peaked or saved peaking until exactly the right moment?"

Again, it is too bad he didn't add a subtle qualifer: "And if we don't peak at the right moment, I am not really worried anyway, because I bet the winning team will let me into their locker room so I can drink the champagne and hold the trophy. They'll want to lock me up for next season."


Blogger The Infozone said...

Harper's moves are NOT making many Conservative supporters happy.

From inside the Conservative's own internal mailing lists, the grumbling on what should have been the happiest day for Conservatives has started.


Poor step by Harper who has been so far so careful.


1:16 PM  

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