Monday, February 06, 2006

More on the Emerson Fallout

(1) The new Tory plan for winning in the country's major cities has been revealed. Just secure the nomination of another, more popular party in the constituency - then switch as soon as the voters have been duped into voting for your fraudulent candidacy. I would be shocked (SHOCKED!) if Emerson ever runs again in Vancouver-Kingsway. If he does he will be summarily dismissed. No one can say he did this for his constituents.

(2) So much for Harper's political honeymoon. Here's hoping that the press really grill him for this decision. Why not simply dismiss the possibility of such a craven move out of hand, especially based on your past comments? I think it is colossally boneheaded move on his very first day. It should embolden the Liberals and also provides a convenient line of attack for Question Period's first month, when the focus will be on Accountability. It overshadows the rest of the cabinet selection. It shows you out to be a hypocrite. Why is a baffling puzzlement?

(3) Here's a simple idea for reforming the law on floor-crossing. Would-be defectors are barred from serving in cabinet or as parliamentary secretaries for a period of time (ie. 1 year, or the next election, whichever sooner). Any doubters who feel that the personalities of Brison, Stronach, or Emerson would have switched for the innocuous position of the backbench? I do not necessarily disagree with the right of elected members to switch sides as a last resort. But this case is surely the most egregious example yet - can anyone actually believe that "Emerson might truly be doing what he believes is best for the country."

(4) On that note, this should strengthen the leadership aspirations of Liberals who have been with the party longer than 5 minutes (or weren't loyal members of its chief rival for - I don't know, say - 25 years). If the BQ had a cabinet position available, would Martin's other "star" recruit, Mr. Lapierre, also jump ship? What about Dosanjh if the NDP had any carrots to offer? Beware the unbridled ambition of those you woo.

(5) Imagine the frustration of those who have been involved in the process of building this new incarnation of the CPC from the beginning. Just as Liberal backbenchers who were so casually shunted aside in favour of opportunists such as Brison and Stronach, how must the likes of Ablonczy, Rajotte, Hill, Kenney, and Moore feel?

Hours later, it still just does not make any sense.


Blogger David M. McClory said...

Oh please, be emboldened.

Just watch what resulted in the US when the opposition Democrats chose "emboldened"--more Republicans in the House and Senate, Mr. Bush reelected with a comprotable mandate.

Even with the Iraq war and various misteps, the public sees Democrats as worse.

C'mon, lets have Rat Pack Two! Or, have Graham call a non-confidence vote!

4:33 PM  

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