Saturday, October 01, 2005

10 Random Saturday Afternoon Thoughts

1. To the Westminster City Council: Put Mandela on Trafalgar's 4th plint. He belongs in the heart of the square not off to the side by the Embassy.

2. When is Kinsella going to defend his old boss amidst his embarrassing resignation and the absurdly generous golden handshare that the Liberal cabinet will hand him on behalf of the Canadian taxpayer? And they wonder why people are cynical about politicians...

3. The Hollywood Stock Exchange is a wonderfully hilarious idea and great new addiction. All my money is in Joss Whedon's Serenity right now. Go see the film this weekend, then go rent the 11 episodes on DVD. One of television's great missed opportunities.

4. Speaking of TV shows, I am currently renting the first season of Lost. Spectacular. And though I missed season 6 of the West Wing, last week's opener looks promising. Alda v. Smits will be an election to remember.

5. You know things are bad for Bush when even Conservative writers are saying "No president has looked this impotent this long when it comes to defending presidential powers and prerogatives" and "he is vying to become the most free-spending president ever." Hopefully the Democrats ride this momentum through to November 06.

6. The sandcastle formula, or "Maximum angle of stability of a wet granular pile", has been revealed.

7. Not only does Denmark have a "Professional Santa", but he's just received compensation for the death of one of his reindeer.

8. A new "Icebar" opens today in London. Super Cool. Cooper, write up the review.

9. Paddy Power is in the news again, this time with its controversial "Last Supper" ad. Read the article - it's not the first time various uptight interest groups have complained. I agree with the sentiment of their spokesman: "people aren't supposed to take it as seriously as some people seem to be." Just relax, eh?

10. A man walks into a bar with a giraffe and they proceed to get blitzed. The giraffe, not used to drinking, quickly passes out on the floor. Finally, the man gets up, pays the tab, and heads for the door. The bartender yells out to him, "Hey! You can't leave that lyin' here!" The drunk replies, "It's not a lion. It's a giraffe."


Blogger Liam O'Brien said...

The problem with the Democrats riding anything to do with Bush's spend-happy ways 'til Nov '06 is that they're still usually finding ways to be comparatively worse with the spending.

I think that Bush's drunken sailor spending will help two guys actually look reasonable -- John McCain and Rudy G. McCain in particular has shown himself to have cross-party support AND a better record of restraint.

5:51 PM  

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