Friday, September 16, 2005

Beat Poem

Just discovered last night (and ridiculed for my habit of printing off poetry and reading it over liquor at the bar) are the following gems from Richard Brautigan's The Pill versus the Springhill Mine Disaster. Marvelous. A great collection of selected others is here.

This one is far from my favorite, incomprehensible in fact, but appropriate given our namesake. Do go and spend some time reading some of the other Baudelaire inspired writings. Genius in the Kerouacian way. I have printed off a whole new list for a late afternoon beginning of Keith's here.


When I was hitch-hiking down to Big Sur, Moby Dick stopped and picked
me up. He was driving a truckload of sea gulls to San Luis Obispo.

"Do you like being a truckdriver better than youdo a whale?" I asked. "Yeah," Moby Dick said. "Hoffa is a lot better to us whales than Captain Ahab ever was.

The old fart."

Have a sweet weekend - I note as I write (most of these dates are still on Greenwich Mean Time) that the Happy Hour at Tiger has just come to an end. Here's hoping that TRAC has a few pitchers or wine bottles on his table as I get set to find some of mine own on this side...


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