Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Al-safar Zafar"

A favorite new proverb. Still thirsty for that ever-expanding open road, while resting and scheming for the next destination within these cubicle walls. The ocean gives me strength. Onward:

"Fighting-men, all," the Master repeated, while Leclair listened with keen enjoyment and the Legion stood attentive, with the white-burnoused horsemen giving ear to every word - astonished, no doubt, to hear Arabic speech from the lips of an unbeliever. "We have traveled far, from the Lands of the Books. Is it not meritorious, O Sheik? Doth not thy Prophet himself say: 'Voyaging is victory, and he who journeyeth not is both ignorant and blind?"'

- George Allan England, The Flying Legion


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