Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Some Luck

I'm not a big believer in omens, but here's how Paul Martin chose to close his Liberal party leadership acceptance speech in December 2003:

I was in the Okanagan recently, where the devastating wildfires consumed forest and homes, with terrible loss. You may remember Rob Rutten and Susan Garland who took me through the charred ruins of their antiques store, which, like the whole community, had been burned to the ground.
Nothing was left - except for a charred horseshoe. They gave that horseshoe to me, saying: you've got a lot on your plate these days, so take it. We hope it brings you luck. Here they were, in the midst of great personal tragedy - and their first thought was of someone else.

And now that the Liberals are themselves consumed with the inferno of scandal, and becoming a burned-out husk before our eyes, we must ask: where is that horseshoe today?


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