Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Big (Little) Picture

Brilliant political theatre in Westminster on Wednesday, as Michael Howard debated Tony Blair during Question Time:

Perhaps the most telling moment in the Commons attack was when choirmaster Howard turned to the Labour benches and asked how many of them would be using photographs of Tony Blair on their election addresses.
Blushing prettily, a mere half dozen Labour MPs put up their hands. And that's the question. Is Tony Blair, once the titan who tugged his party along behind him, now a liability to Labour?

Surprisingly good stuff from Howard, though definitely a bit of a cheap shot. Also got in some classic British Parliamentary theatrics, as "He conducted the Tories behind him like a choir, with choruses of "up, up, up" (that's taxes, immigration and hospital superbugs) and "down, down, down" (that was pensions, average take home pay and crime clear-up rates)."

Can't wait to see where this goes, now that the gloves are truly off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad that some bloggers here are covering events in the UK.

Yeah, Blair has some challenges indeed. Many would say that his support of the Iraq war will bring him down but I think it is his unwavering support of the EC and Euro, combined with a weak economy and obvious out of control immigration.

After all Blair is still a lefty and even though he helped in Iraq he still had a lot of ways to blow it.

Brian Walsh

9:10 PM  

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