Thursday, March 31, 2005

April Already...

Shocking developments since Oxford thoroughly dominated the Boat Race this past weekend. (As to our involvement, the vantage point near the finish was spontaneously magnificent, the double pitchers of Pimm's never tasted sweeter, we crashed some "Mike" guy's balcony party for only moments before getting ejected, and some traditional Morris dancers gave Tim some bunny rabbit ears that he wore proudly onto the Tube. Well done all around.)

ANYWAY, there is good reasons for my lack of posts this week. Believe it or not, I have actually been working quite studiously since my return from London, polishing off legal cases and textbook chapters for fun. Cruised through the mock exam due next Thursday and even put together a few presentations for Trinity term. Also happy to see that all four of my Final Four teams are still alive, so it looks like I will be winning the local pool again. Not that my bank account needs any help. It looks so healthy that I guess I'll spend the next few days deciding whether to hit Moscow, Istanbul, or Egypt for my birthday in June. Or just buy a new Domus.

On the political front, lots of news as well. I have been rather disappointed with the utter lack of coverage of Terry Shiavo's case. Conservative commentators in particular have been rather awkwardly silent, although the personal nature of this family tragedy probably dictates that this is the appropriate response in such a trying time.

All the speculation in the Canadian media about the possibility of a spring election seems to have been justified by the impending fall of the government over the upcoming budget bill. Harper looks destined for that elusive majority. Rumours also abound that the NHL labour dispute is on the verge of settlement, and that the Stanley Cup will be up for grabs in a all-playoff, lottery, sudden-death tournament. Looks like the Winnipeg Jets might even be back to round out the 36 team field.

Over here, the British vote is almost certain to be delayed due to Tony Blair's sudden decision to step down amidst concern that the public just doesn't trust his word any longer. No word yet from Gordon Brown on whether he might be interested in the job. And finally, President Bush has announced, in the wake of the Bolton and Wolfowitz appointments, that he is looking at a more moderate choice to succeed Chief Justice Reinquist. I always trusted Bush to eventually come around on this one. My kind of President.

All so shocking. What sort of a day is it, anyway? Friday? Another quiet night in with the girlfriend, I suppose.


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