Wednesday, March 15, 2006

And, so quickly, only Two...

First seen on the wall of the Norseman over #41, 8:30PM on Sunday the 19th, 2000, with some folk just encountered on the banks of the Liffy after the fireworks:

“Who are fighting?” asked Alice.

“Why, the Lion and the Unicorn, of course,” said the White King.

“But what are they fighting for?”

“Well, they both want a Guinness,” said the King, “and there’s only one left. The worst of the joke is, that even that one belongs to me! Let’s run and see them.” And they trotted off, Alice repeating to herself, as she ran, the words of the song:
“ ‘The Lion and the Unicorn was full of thirsty men
From ten o’clock till two o’clock and six o’clock till ten.
Some had a sandwich, some had two:
But they all had a Guinness, which is Good for You.”
“Does – the one – that wins – get the Guinness?” she asked, as well as she could while they were running.

“Dear me, no!” said the King. “The one that’s had the Guinness wins.”


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